Sustainable Approach

Our translation approach is the ultimate sustainable activity. We re-use existing language data in the form of translation memories and glossaries to streamline our processes and ensure consistency. We look for better and more efficient ways to go further with what’s already there, making the most of existing resources and constantly developing unique solutions to challenges rather than falling back on cookie-cutter solutions. We are hands-on, experienced specialists.

Because we practice sustainability daily with our own translation work, we can seamlessly cooperate with our clients to create processes for your translation and multilingual communications that specifically work for you and your needs. This includes looking at your prior multi-lingual efforts and creatively evaluating together how we can reuse and improve them.

Choosing technology plays an important role in our processes.

Some technology is integral to our translation, including creating and maintaining client-specific glossaries and databases to store and reuse your translation work if appropriate (we call these databases “translation memories”). These technologies are crucial to guaranteeing the success and affordability of your projects.

If you need to localise software or websites to adapt them to the language and cultural norms of your end-users, we have the necessary expertise and the tool sets to extract, adapt, and display text and other elements as needed.

Other technology, including a highly automated workflow and computer-based machine translation, can be included in your personalised technology portfolio after consulting with you.

Our approach to relationships — with you and with our linguists — is based on long-lasting partnerships.

In addition to timely and affordable access to translated materials, your success depends on those materials confidently speaking the language of your industry and your customers in your distinctive voice. We know the industry lingo — we have created and actively maintain large terminology repositories specific to renewable energy in many language combinations — and we will develop and support your organization’s voice, no matter the language.

Our linguists are skilled translators and highly specialised in renewable energies or other areas of the sustainability sector. They play a crucial role in our success — and ultimately yours — so we invest heavily in those relationships.

We exist to ensure that your voice rings true and consistent in all its forms, including adaptations of your message to the new target markets.

We believe in sustainability. That’s why we’re passionate about what we do and about what you do.